Three Most Important Tips for Taking Your Sports Betting Skills to the Next Level

Most sports aficionados are tempted to test their knowledge by trying to predict the outcome of future events. The connection between the fans and sports betting is thus inevitable. However, this connection is frequently interpreted in the wrong ways and can only benefit the betting operators. This is why bookmakers all over the globe like to offer all sorts of promotions to encourage ordinary sports fans to place bets. The sportsbooks much prefer this type of bettor rather than professional gamblers who take sports betting seriously. This is where the tips from this article, which has been created with the support of the team at Betting Tips 4 You can make such a massive difference for casual sports fans in terms of their betting success. 

1 – Never let emotions impact your decisions 

This is the main advice you can get from any experienced bettor. Since bookmakers tend to attract new inexperienced customers regularly, they want them to place bets on their favorite teams and players. This is, after all, where the operators gain profit. The best way to show how they do it is through a simple example. 

Let’s say that you are an Arsenal fan. You like watching your favorite team’s games but you are not a regular bettor.  The Gunners are losing at home to Crystal Palace at the half time but you are convinced their fortunes will shift in the second half although the team did not look good at all in the first 45 minutes. Then you see an ad on TV saying “Get 10/1 odds on Arsenal to win the match”. You have been tempted straight away since you are convinced of your team’s success, much like you are whenever they play and whoever they play. You create an account and back Arsenal not just in that game but in every other, especially in the derbies against teams such as Spurs or Chelsea because the odds for the Gunners’ success are even higher in these games. 

When you add the adrenaline of watching your favorite team play against their bitter rivals and also have money invested in their victory, you get the ultimate experience. The bookmakers make money thanks to that very experience of entertainment. While your team can win sometimes, you will never be successful or profitable backing your favorite team’s success in the long run. 

What you should do is completely exclude emotions from any bet you make. Go watch a football game and try to get the edge over the sportsbooks by actually backing the team that looks better on the pitch instead of the outfit you cheer for. The difference will be huge in the long term. 

2 – Focus on sports and leagues you follow most 

It is very hard to escape the lure of betting on pretty much anything you can bet on once you enter the sports wagering world. We live in an era of a prosperous online gambling industry where you can easily put money on pretty much anything you can imagine that has to do with sports. The array of options even exceeds sports and includes niches such as esports, politics, entertainment (music or acting awards and competition winners), etc. The key is to ignore the urge to bet on things/events you are not familiar with. Again, let’s go with an example: 

It’s almost midnight and you have nothing to do. It’s too early to sleep and there are no sports on TV. You go to visit the sports betting sites and find an extensive list of the live events happening right now all over the globe. The list includes the events such as table tennis, beach volleyball, NASCAR races, South American futsal, Guatemalan second tier in football, Mexican baseball league, a cycling event in Canada, etc. You have no idea about the majority of these sports, events, or players involved but you want to bring entertainment to your evening by throwing some quid on the outcome of these matches. You may get lucky sometimes, but in most cases, you will end up losing money on something you have no idea about. 

If you want to be a successful sports bettor, you should never allow yourself to place a single bet on any event you do not have a profound knowledge of. Just stick to the sports and the competitions you follow most because they will offer the events you may recognize the value in. Any professional sports bettor will say that success in this niche lies in recognizing the value. 

3 – Bet singles only 

The last bit of advice is bound to the number of events you want to bet on. We all want to become rich overnight. Unfortunately, it is not possible. At least not in most cases. Yes, we witness some shocking stories now and then about a man who has won a life-changing amount by nailing the outcomes of 20 different events. Unfortunately, these things happen extremely rarely and it is very hard to believe that you will be that lucky man one day. They say every person creates his/her luck. If you want to have any impact on your luck in the sports wagering world, you should never bet more than two matches in one parlay/accumulator. 

The winnings are higher with the bigger number of events in our bets. However, the more events we have, the greater number of possible outcome combinations is, meaning the lower the chances of getting them all accurate. Professional bettors bet on singles exclusively. They find value in backing a specific outcome and invest their money in it only, without adding any more events to the mix. In some cases (when the opportunity arises), you can argue the doubles could work as well. However, as soon as you start adding a third, a fourth, etc, event to your accumulator, it relies on luck exclusively, and you don’t want to rely on luck in sports betting. 

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