Top Football Betting Tipsters

The increase in numbers of people betting on football has also seen a growth in the amount of football betting tipsters out there.

We’ve written a guide called what is a football tipster if you were interested in a more general overview.

Here, we will look at the origins of football betting tipping, the effect social media has, and we provide information about some of the top football tipsters.

Where Did Football Betting Tipping Originate?

It’s only natural that if someone can bet on something, someone else will find a way to tell them who or what to bet on.

Most of us, who had a gambler in the family, remember their dads looking through the newspaper in the morning and reading the daily horse racing tips to try and give themselves an advantage over the bookie.

That form of tipping has naturally evolved into the widespread availability of tipsters in all forms of media. People can find tipsters dedicated to pretty much every popular sport there is, and football is one of the biggest.

What sets football apart from most sports is the growth in popularity, amount of sports betting sites who promote football above every other sport, and the number of betting markets available for football punters.

This, along with social media and affiliate programs, means that football tipping has grown into a profitable and widely available business.

Effect of Social Media

The rise in football betting tipsters on social media means tips are now more accessible to casual punters. This gives more people the chance of making a profit and therefore leads to even more tipsters trying to get themselves a piece of the pie.

Sites like,, and take full advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage and grow their communities. These tipsters, and many more, post tips, links, relevant news, and success stories/near misses to their followers several times a day.

What We Provide at TFT

We provide a low-cost premium tipping service, with prices ranging from just £5 per week to an annual fee of £95.

This provides our premium members with exclusive, well researched, and analytically minded tips every day throughout the year along with excellent team news.

Our free tips are also posted on a daily basis, and we provide an in-play tipping service which continues to achieve a profit.

You can join more than 15,400 people who receive our newsletter and become part of our winning community or sign up as a premium member today.

Other Top Betting Tipsters

Having delved deep into the internet, I have compiled a list of some of the best football betting tipsters out there.


WhaleBets are quite distinguishable. They are not only providing football betting tips ( both free and paid ) they provide betting strategies, bankroll management strategies, self-made infographics, betting sites reviews and more.

More importantly, they are a reliable source of tips as they have proved they don’t change their history and have yielded 525.25 Units Profit from 2448 bets giving them 21.5% ROI. Their VIP is rather pricey at 500 Euro per month / 150-200 tips but rather worthy.

Betting Gods

There are four dedicated football tipsters, each with varying success, at

The highest average monthly profit of the four is achieved by ‘The Football Guru’ with an impressive £149.48. This tipster also has a solid strike rate of over 42%.

‘The Football Formula’ has the highest strike rate, of 67.48%, although they also have the lowest AMP of just £45.91.

Highest Return on Investment goes to ‘Pro Footy Tips’ with 17.60%. This tipster also has an impressive £143.42 AMP, but a low SR of just 25.15%.

The fourth tipster on this site is ‘Footy Doubles’ who has a 9.04% ROI and a SR of 48%.

Punters can gain access to their chosen tipster by signing up for just £1 for the first thirty days. This cost rises to £39.95 per month after the trial. There are also daily free tips given, which are specially selected from the premium tips.

Top Football Tipster

This tipster, at, currently boasts of a 21.3% Return on Investment on premium singles and doubles tips for May 2017.

Reviews suggest this is a professional tipping service with well researched tips provided.

The main aim of top football tipster appears to be long term profit, and tips are available for all of the major leagues from around the world.

Their website insists they aim to post at least one premium tip per day and the cost for this service is £4.99 per month. Free betting tips are given weekly, as a taster for non-premium visitors to the site.

Over/Under Master

The Over/Under Master can be found at They provide specialist football betting tips exclusively in the over/under goal line market.

Looking at recent statistics shows the market of choice is usually Over/Under 2.5 goals. The recent tips listed, from July this year, boast a 50% strike rate from the last ten tips, and an impressive five winners from the last six.

This is a membership only service starting at a flexible rate of £11 per week. Big discounts are offered to members who sign up to the service for a longer period.

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