What is a Football Tipster?

Anyone placing a bet will hope to win and gain a profit. Serious punters will look to maximise profits for an extended period. Some will use one, or more, of the football tipping services widely available and speak to a football tipster.

But, what is a football tipster and how do they have a better chance of picking a winning bet than a normal person?

What is a Football Tipster?

Basically, a football tipster is someone who gives betting tips, usually for a fee.

A reputable tipster will always offer well-researched, and analytical tips with the aim of gaining a profit.

This profit may be extremely small for the most part, or require a substantial stake to make it worth your while. However, a football tipster’s reputation hangs on winning percentage, return on investment, and average profit during a certain time frame.

Most casual punters will put together a multi-team accumulator in the hope of a big win [read why we often discourage this]. A tipster will only select the bets they believe have the best chance of earning a profit, regardless of how big or small that profit is.

How Does a Football Tipster Choose Their Tips?

Unfortunately, nobody has a magic crystal ball which will give us the football results every Saturday afternoon. But, a football tipster will make sure they have all the information required to give a prediction which has as much chance of winning as possible.

What a football tipster will do, as most casual punters do not, is look at every statistic which could affect the possible outcome of a match. This is done as well as researching other information, such as team news, recent head to head records, etc.

Once every bit of information is gathered, a football tipster can then work out which bets have the highest chance of returning a profit. From those, the tipster will pick a set amount to offer up as tips.

How Will I Know Which Tipster to Trust?

Nothing in football is guaranteed, and everyone will lose at some point. This includes tipsters, who are only giving a well-informed, and well-researched opinion.

However, there are things to look out for when selecting a football tipster to use.

Firstly, you must look at information such as strike rate, average profit, and return on investment.

The strike rate will tell the punter which percentage of bets the tipster wins. For example, a tipster may have a strike rate of 58%, which means they are more likely to give you a winning tip than one with a strike rate of 42%.

Average profit will usually be shown along with a period this covers. For example, you may be given information such as £261 average monthly profit in the past twelve months.

Finally, the return on investment. Basically, ROI is worked out by dividing total profit by the amount invested. This is then calculated into a percentage. So, if a tipster stakes £1000 in a month, and their total profit is £550, firstly the 550 is divided by 1000. This gives a ROI of 0.55. Multiply this by 100 and the ROI percentage is 55%.

Remember, these statistics may not state how long, or how many bets were placed, to achieve them.

It could be that a tipster has placed one bet of £100, and gained profit of £500. This would give a strike rate of 100%, an average profit of £500, and a ROI of 500%. It would also be extremely misleading as to the reliability of future tips.

Always ensure you look for statistics which show long-term reliability, and profit, of a tipster.

Here are some stats one of our long-time members wrote up.

Will All Football Tipsters Charge?

Not all football tipsters will charge for their tips, but the best and most reputable ones will.

This is due to the amount of time the tipster invests in coming up with tips which have a high chance of gaining a profit.

Some tipsters will offer free tips, which are usually used to show the quality of tips on offer. Then, people can sign up to become members and receive a higher number of tips. This will in-turn boost their chances of winning more, and earning more profit.

At TFT, we offer free daily tips to anyone visiting our site. However, our members receive a superior service, with access to tips from over fifty leagues, our banker tips, latest team news, and a large community.

Beware of Scams

Anybody can claim to be a football tipster. They can set up a website, or social media page, and charge you for their tips. This doesn’t mean the tips they give will be any good, and you may end up out of profit.

You may see a tipster claim their tips are 100% guaranteed to win, which should be the first clue that this is likely a scam. As said above, nothing in football is guaranteed so nobody can guarantee a winning tip.

If a site charges to enter, it is almost definitely a scam. A reputable tipping service will allow visitors to navigate the site, find out what the tipster is all about, and maybe even get a few free tips.

Ensure you read reviews, find out as much as you can about a tipster, and follow the free tips to see if they are good quality. If something seems like a scam, do not sign up and hand over money. A reputable tipping site will make you feel welcome and offer more than just tips.

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