What is an online bookmaker?

Today I wanted to make a quick post to answer the question what is an online bookmaker, people who have been betting for a while will know exactly what the answer is, but we all have to start somewhere and The Footy Tipster wants to be open to help people of all levels!

What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is a person or company who accepts bets made by people, typically they will offer a range of bets but at its most simple on a given football match they will have odds for team A winning, team B winning or a draw.

The idea being if you give them money and pick a certain bet and that bet was to come off then they have to pay you back your money plus whatever extra you have won.

Bookmakers generally have shops, known sometimes as Bookies, these are places you can go into to place bets, generally speaking you can only ever place bets in one of their shops or online (which I am going to get to shortly!). You can’t for example go into Tesco’s and place a bet.

What is an online bookmaker?

As you might have guessed an online bookmaker is someone who lets you place a bet via a website, most of the time the online bookmaker will also have a physical presence and will use a website to attract more people from places that maybe don’t have access to one of their shops.

Some of the major differences between and online offering and a bookies are that you can access a website at any time day or night to place a bet or see what bets are on and that you have a massive choice between what online bookmaker you use compared to offline ones.

Some bookmakers are web online and do not have a physical presence anywhere.

Example of an online bookmaker

An example of an online bookmaker is Bet365. As you can see from their website they offer more than just football or even sports betting, this is generally the case with most online bookmakers. You sign up and can immediately place your bets.

Another good example would be 10Bet.

Do I need to pick just one online bookmaker?

As I have mentioned one of the differences between online bookmakers compared to if you only bet offline is that you have a massive amount of choice on who to go for, this means that no, you do not need to pick just one online bookmaker as your go to place to bet.

Most places will offer different odds for matches, so for example you may have read some of our tips and decided you want to make three single bets, it is worth checking out all the bookmakers that you are signed up with to see who is offering what odds because it make make sense to make each bet with a different online bookmaker.

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