When and How to Bet on Football in Different Countries

Following the teams and the heated rivalries in the country where we live can often be the most exhilarating. With neighbors and long family traditions buttressing the excitement, it will always have a special place in our hearts. But that is not to say it is the best betting opportunity. 

Sometimes keeping an eye on foreign leagues will open up previously unforeseen opportunities.  By expanding your knowledge, you can expand your chances. It’s as simple as that! Plus, the act of crossing boundaries will give you new advantages. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to make the best bets on foreign football leagues. 

Differences Between MLS and European Leagues

When we are betting across the Atlantic, it can be tempting to assume that everywhere you go, football is football. But that is not the case. In some places, such as the United States, home of Major League Soccer, football is not football. It is soccer. That is why it is important to read about making MLS bets specifically. 

Do not let your confidence be your downfall. Humility will go a long way. While the United States is not the biggest center for football, if you hope to make the best bets there, you will have to study a bit nonetheless. So, what are the differences you should keep in mind as you jump the pond? 

An easy thing to overlook is travel time. Going between Vancouver, Canada and Orlando, Florida will take its toll on tall athletes. For those who have been cramped in a plane for several hours, you will know what I mean. Within the Premier League, you just do not have such large distances. If a player has only a day or two to travel a long way between games, this will undoubtedly affect their performance. 

Football Betting Basics

You should never forget the basics. Even as you keep in mind key differences between the major football leagues, the basics of the different kinds of football bets will largely remain the same. 

Do not forget the differences between the bets. Moneylines are for outright winners. Propositional bets are fun, quirky wagers, and spreads will place money on the final score of the match. 

Spreads specifically are a gold pot for betting in the MLS. As mentioned before, the difference between teams in MLS can be much greater than those in the Premier League. Remember that in the US, football teams do not leave the league if they finish in the bottom. They stick around. In the Premier League, they kick out the worst teams, ensuring that the competition is closer. Keep this in mind for spreads. 

Keep in Mind Rolling Restrictions

The coronavirus has really taken its toll on football. While the long-term effects are still coming into focus, what we do know is that schedules have become less stable and fixed than ever before.

Being ready to tune in to other countries’ football matches is a good backstop. If your country´s league is cancelled for the moment, there will likely be other leagues somewhere that are still up and running. Think of studying up as an insurance policy of sorts. When disaster strikes, you will have a back-up ready to go. 

Make Use of Strategic Advantages

Having an outside eye is key. You will see things others do not. This is a great advantage when flying in from abroad to bet on local markets. 

You can apply this even more by reading local news sources. You might notice a lot of hype building up around a specific team, or a specific player. Do not buy into the hype. Instead, notice what it is doing to the markets and ask yourself if you agree. If not, you can leverage that.

On the other hand, if a player from your home country who you know to be really skilled moves to another league, he or she may go unnoticed by the local press. This is a good place to put a bet on a spread or a prop on that player. Because this player is flying under the radar, so to speak, you will have a strategic advantage vis a vis local bettors. 

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