Betting Tips for International Qualifiers

Everyone knows about the World Cup, but you may not know that countries have to qualify to play in it. This is why we don’t just provide tips for big international tournaments, we also provide betting tips for international qualifiers.

We are so committed to the value you can get during these qualifiers that we have been providing tips and team news on these matches for as long as we have been a tipster site.

What are International Qualifiers?

In order to gain access to a competition like the World Cup, you need to qualify, this means you need to beat other teams that want to play in the same competition. Qualification is sometimes what some of the weaker teams aim for, and anything else is considered gravy.

For the World Cup things are broken down into regions;

  • UEFA look after the European Teams that are trying to qualify.
  • AFC look after the Asian Teams trying to qualify
  • CAF for the African Teams
  • CONCACAF for North, Central American and Caribbean Teams
  • CONMEBOL for South American Teams
  • OFC for the Oceanic Football Teams

When qualifying a team will need to compete against other teams in their region.

The specific breakdown of this qualification will vary by region, but essentially each region is told how many teams can qualify for the main tournament and then qualifiers will be constructed to produce the correct amount of qualifying teams.

As you can imagine, these are highly competitive matches, especially if your place in the tournament isn’t guaranteed.


General Betting Tips for International Qualifiers

It is hard to give general tips when the teams playing could be incredibly varied. Some of the bigger teams might treat certain matches as nothing more than a training session, knowing they can rake in the points needed to qualify whenever they like. Other teams have a point to prove and will be playing each match as if it were the World Cup final!

One thing that can quickly happen during international matches of any sort is to let who you support get in the way of making clear betting decisions. Make sure you are betting with your head and not just your gut.

Team News for International Qualifiers

One thing we offer to our members is as much team news as we can gather pre-match. This is important because many teams revolve around key players, and if they are not available for whatever reason you need to keep that in mind.

Another thing to consider is how players react to different climates that you can experience when playing internationally. Some countries aren’t used to playing in the rain/sun/at altitude and if the players that make up that country play for a local team their performance may be affected.

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