England Emerge Victorious…

…and Portugal are taught a lesson from the old masters!

Before Fabio Capello took the helm, England fans were rightfully filled with a general despair. That would be most understandable as the team hadn’t beaten a big side in 10 years and were prone to buckling under pressure. I don’t know what it is that this master Italian tactician has done to them, but now they enter games knowing that they can win a game and thus generally do, which leaves us all optimistic prior to games such as this. By no means are Germany the same level that they once were, but the way that England dominated and controlled the entire game in Germany was masterful and rather enjoyable. The change in mentality is monumental for both the team and the fans and I for one am enjoying this! That said, John Terry did his best to give the German team a chance when he looked decidedly unlike a captain by gifting the Germans a goal. However, he made amends by scoring the winner 5 minutes from time with a great header.

The other story of the night has to be Portugal being utterly ravaged by a rampant Brazil performance. A scoreline of 6-2 will certainly have eased the pressure on Brazil coach Dunga, but all it well do for Portugal boss Carlos Queiroz is ease him towards the exit door. A hat-trick from Luis Fabiano was accompanied by goals from Elano, Maicon and Adriano in this romp, whereas only Danny and Simao bothered to respond for the visitors.

Most predictions went according to plan last night, which is pleasing. However, one result I simply couldn’t tolerate was Wales’ 1-0 victory away to Denmark. Denmark aren’t anywhere near the team that they were and have frankly been poor these last few years. However, a return to winning ways in their excursion to Portugal was a change I anticipated would at least remain for the time being. Denmark clearly didn’t agree with this ideal, succumbing to a meager defeat at home to a side who can only be called their equal on a good day. Still, congratulations to Wales for that result.

There are no games being played on Thursday that I feel are worth providing tips on, so I’ve been handed a rare day off. What on earth will I do with my time?!

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