Fixed Football Matches

When I first started this site with Ian way back when I was completely new to football betting and some of the terms really confused me! One such term was fixed football matches.

The reason the term fixed football matches confused me was because I had always known of the term fixed to mean something else entirely!

Bad fixed football matches

The way I had initially heard of the term fixed football matches was when someone was cheating to fix a score of a match in order to ensure certain people won their football bets. The most famous incident I can think of was with Bruce Grobbelaar the old Liverpool goalkeeper (I believe he was later cleared of any involvement, but it sticks in my mind!)

Good fixed football matches

Of course I quickly found out that when reputable football tipsters use the term fixed football matches they are talking about football matches with fixed odds. Football fixed match betting is sometimes known as 1X2 betting.

This is because a 1 is used for the home team, a 2 for the away team and X marks a draw.

The reason it is called fixed is because there will be three different odds, one for each outcome (home team win, away team win, draw). When you place your bet you are given some odds that you will either win or lose, the odds won’t change over time and in that way the bet is fixed.

I hope anyone who is new like me will stumble across this post and stop thinking that tipsters are talking about illegally fixing matches and are actually talking about bets which don’t change!

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