How to Find the Best Football Betting App for You

Us lot here at The Footy Tipster consistently give you, our readers, the very best tips out there – coming directly from our own knowledge of the game itself and years of industry experience.

But, we realised, you lot are only going to be as good as the app you choose to bet with – so we decided to share or top tips for finding the best football betting apps for you. You’re welcome.

Mobile Betting? What’s All That About?

As anyone who’s ever had their phone fall in the loo before will know, more and more of us are taking our mobiles everywhere and anywhere we go. As a result, football betting has become much more mobile – and this is only set to continue in the future. Most bookies you’ll know and love to bet with will have a mobile app, meaning you can place streamlined, no-fuss bets straight from your smartphone. If you’re interested in a bookie, it’s well worth checking out what their mobile app has on offer for new downloaders.

So What Kind of Extras Can You Get With Mobile Apps?

We’re glad you asked. Often, making your football bets using the app gives punters some pretty epic extras, including:

Live match alerts: Scared you’ll miss a goal? Want to be alerted just before a Premier League game starts? Most apps nowadays can be configured to give you live alerts of key events. These are really useful if you can’t actually watch the game itself, but want to know how your team – or bet – is doing.

Live coverage and in-play: All good mobile apps worth their weight in gold should come with in-play and live coverage. Yes, you could go and watch the match on a desktop, but that defeats the point of being mobile now, doesn’t it? You should be able to see live odds updated in real time, so you have immediate access to current, possible changing odds.

Bonuses and promotions: The cherry on the cake, these are usually what draws punters to mobile apps in the first place – the extra bonuses on offer just for using the app. These typically include extra deposit offers, free bets or cash back – it’s well worth checking out an app’s range of bonuses and promotions on offer before downloading it.

Hot picks, tips and more: Yes, we know you’re covered when it comes to the best footy tips (ahem), but having all of that extra info in one place is always convenient, isn’t it?

Getting the Best Mobile Betting Experience

You’ll want to make the most out of your mobile app betting experience, and you can do so using our tips above.

And that’s before we even get into the other extras! Some bookies offer other forms of online betting, such as the highly-rated, frequent ‘Best Online Casino’ winner Mr Green Casino, who offer a top-notch online casino, as well as a solid online bookie.

Whichever way you choose to slice it, online betting via mobile app is a fun, portable way to get your bets in and watch your wins – finding the best app for you is easy and well worth it.

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