Is the use of bet calculators worth it?

Betting in itself is such a risque activity, involving various variables that make it extremely difficult to navigate through and succeed in. Sports betting is a specialised domain of sorts, with the number of variables altering and increasing in numbers to make the task even more layered and convoluted. In the wake of this, the role of bet calculators should be explored a bit more given that many deliberations have taken place as to their reliability and overall utility within the gamut of betting. Football is rife with betting, with many betting sites cropping up to facilitate legal and safe betting across the world.

The importance of calculationser

Betting, in general, relies on the laws of probability, which tsk-tsk, is a mathematical concept. Not just Probability, but other mathematical concepts such as standard deviations amongst other statistical concepts are very much ingrained into the very science of betting. The best of bookies can be outdone with accurate, reliable calculations. And then, of course, there are other disciplines that are attuned with the art of betting. Even psychology plays a part in the determination of favourable probability, with most betting blogs talking about the adverse effects of confirmation bias and the Halo effect. These theories and concepts are combined to formulate the best of betting strategies. Mathematics is a domain that deals with tangibles and axiomatic facts, and so it serves to be the best antidote to the uncertainties posed by the subjective or scattershot realm of betting. Bet calculators are extremely handy, in that respect, as they can help one perform rather complex mathematical problems pertaining to something that is quite high-risk (lose or gain situation). While one cannot ascribe it as infallible or as an accurate predictor of how much one shall make or not make from a bet, it is definitely better than doling out your hard-earned money without any kind of insight as to what possibilities within the tangible realm of mathematics determine your chances. If you knew what sort of chances you stood, you’d be able to choose and navigate your betting battles more wisely.

Betting in the footballing realm is an entirely different ball game from other forms of betting. It’s not just the massive numbers we see being quoted in the tabloids with respect to footballing transfers amongst other things, but the numbers game becomes a tad bit more complex when you take into account the evolution of football in general. Football is no more a two or three horse race. Since the shock league title win of Leicester City, the footballing world has lost any sense of predictability, if there was any in the sport in the first. There’s a tale of a man betting on odds of 1/5000 for Leicester City to win the league. Statistically, there was a greater chance of Barack Obama joining the English Cricket Team and playing international cricket! People have speculated that the man in question was either a betting genius or in the good books of fate. While this might be an extremely heartwarming, hope-inducing anecdote, one cannot rely on the mores of fate to buoy them and betting isn’t as much of a dress-to-guess affair as people sometimes make it out to be. Football’s unpredictability lies in the fact that it involves athletes, and moreso, it involves human beings who are as moody, or injury-prone or vulnerable as the person next to them. Even the best of footballers can disappoint, and those considered to be stealing a living could suddenly find themselves enjoying some kind of cult status. Betting on moments like who will score the first goal or who will make the winning pass or tackle, can leave one prone to falling on your proverbial face than anything else, depending on the stake. However, you’d still be tempted to dive in. If you break down your logic behind making the bet, you’d realise that you would’ve done some kind of math along with a bit of psychology and a bit of sporting knowhow and if you’re THAT good and follow the game enough, then player morale. Predicting and betting on an entire match result is an entirely different ball game; not only are you banking on the proficiency or deficiencies of an entire pool of players, you’re also trying to work out probabilities taking into account variables like the sort of things that might unfold in a footballing match. If there’s a massive disparity on paper between the two teams, it might be a tad bit less challenging but what when it’s a tight game like the El Clasico, North London derby or even the Liverpool vs Manchester United games? You might take into account the forms of the sides leading up to the game, but if you do the numbers game in your head, you’d still be prone to missing out on some vital calculations you should’ve taken into account. This is why it is important that you use a bet calculator, which shall be able to make the basic calculations you’d miss out on or simply wouldn’t be able to make on your own. Accuracy is vital in the betting realm, so place your trust on bet calculators!

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