Prediction and Odds: How To Bet on English Premier League 2021/22

The excitement from fans and bettors is undeniable as the most-awaited English Premier League 2021/22 (EPL) is underway on Friday, August 13, where newly promoted Brentford will face Arsenal at Brentford Community Stadium.

And as expected, the odds change compared to last month’s predictions. The forecasted top-heavy brawl between Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United is still on the horizon. But the latest odds have Liverpool at +550 odds which drops a few steps behind Chelsea, same with Manchester United at +750 odds from +650 before.

These changes are nothing new and will continue for the whole duration of this season. That is why one vital task of sports bettors is to monitor betting odds as well as factors like injuries that can shift them. This is hard to do constantly and swiftly, thus they rely on sports betting brokers.

If you are worried about your capital, don’t worry as most licensed and regulated odds bet aggregators support new bettors through sign-up bonuses. One of the trusted betting sites with a welcome bonus, VOdds, currently offers a limited-time reward of up to 200£/€. Open an account from today until November 14, 2021 (Sunday) to claim this and other upcoming perks.


Advantages of Using a Sportsbooks Betting Platform

First of all, you can get the best odds and highest limits in a single account. Aggregator sites collect odds from their partner European bookies and top Asian bookmakers to present them in one, integrated platform. Aside from diversity, these odds are competitive and the most updated as Asian bookies use various methods to track events related to the tournament and adjust the odds accordingly.

Some Asian sportsbooks brokers also offer an application programming interface (API). This betting tool can automate extracting information depending on your provided specifications. It can also study the pattern of shifts in odds as well as your betting history so you know what strategy gives the most profit.

The lists of online sportsbooks are endless but we suggest you check out and bet in Asian bookies. They have blogs and free football betting tips for punters. We recommend SBOBet if you especially love to watch and live bet at the same time.

Where to watch Premier League 2021/22

Don’t let the smallest shifts in odds and new game data be your downfall. You can watch a total of 200 EPL fixtures live on these outlets:

  • Sky Sports (128 matches) – £25/ month for a complete sports subscription.
  • BT Sport (52 matches) – £25/ month for a contract-free subscription.
  • Amazon Prime Video (20 matches) – £7.99/month, with a free 30-day trial

Unlike last season where each game was televised, fewer matches will be shown live as the traditional match times are returning with multiple 3 PM weekend games. It’s better to schedule what fixtures you will watch and at what time so you won’t miss big games. You can either watch highlights or rely on your API to collect data on the matches you will miss.

Be an up-to-date bettor by creating an account at VOdds today and get up to 200£/€ welcome bonus!

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