Punters Lounge: A review

Punters Lounge is a subscriber website, where you must sign up for the best advice. It has been active since 1999, therefore a long-running and well-established forum for the latest information.  In return for your email address, you get the following promises: helpful comments from fellow gamblers, no popups from advertisers, quality customer service and a desire to always offer better tips and guidance.

All this seems good, but is this how you should judge a quality tips website? In reality, there are many factors to consider, from the ease of use of the site to the enjoyment when reading the reviews and the advice.  Ultimately, you are likely to judge the Punters Lounge website on the success of tips offered.  Nobody expects to win all the time but does Punters Lounge win enough to help a gambler to a profit?

The Website

The website is so easy to use.  It has a professional layout using clear icons, which means you can easily find your way to your sport of choice.  The site focuses a lot of attention on horse racing, with a whole section devoted to the horses.  However, there is a prominent icon for football and when you click you get a list of the best tips for that week.

The part of the website that everyone raves over is the forum.  This is in the navigation bar at the top and can be accessed without subscribing to the site.  In fact, you can access all the information for free without needing to subscribe.  You will just miss out on the newsletter and email tips if you don’t.

The Info

The best bit of Punters Lounge is the blog and the general advice given about systems and strategies.  They do offer all the latest offers from bookmakers – but you can find this on most review or tips websites.  The links to the offers provide a commission to the site – so we are not so interested in this.  However, the detailed exploration of how successful gamblers create betting systems, using banks and a balance of profit and loss, is clever and insightful.  This makes the site a definite winner for us.

Unlike other sites that offer detailed reviews of specific events, with connecting stats, the advice you get here is more generally about betting.  You can get specific details, but you are relying on the forum for this information.

The Quality of the Tips

Scan the internet for reviews of the best tipsters and Punters Lounge comes up a surprising amount.  In the list of Top 10 racing tipster – there is Punters Lounge.  The top five websites for football punters, there is Punters Lounge.  It is the quality of the forum that seems to attract the most attention.  There are over 90 thousand active members, all offering tips and sharing the best information.  This means that this is a place to go to follow other gamblers with successful systems.  You are not receiving the guidance of one set of tipsters – but an army of tipsters.

The horse racing specialist on the site is enjoying a 13-month success rate – which means they have made a profit for 13 months, rather than won every bet.  There is no such bragging about other sports on Punters Lounge, so take from this what you will.  As with any tipster site, you need to bring your own knowledge and intuition to the site.



  • The forum!
  • You can access all the information for free and without needing to subscribe
  • Clear and easy to use website


  • No detailed analysis of top events
  • Although there are no annoying popups, there is a lot of onscreen advertising

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