Why you need “new” team news

One of the things we provide in our members-only posts is team news. The team news we share are things like injuries and last-minute lineup changes.

Team news is so important, so much so that we’ve written an entire guide to it. Suffice to say; it is one reason why so many of our members stick around each month!

So why I am writing an article talking about needing “new” team news? Well, just like anything, situations change. Websites like TheGamer review online casinos because even something completely online changes over time.

You see, the first element to good team news is helping you win your bet. You might rethink betting on a team to keep a clean sheet if you found out their goalkeeper was out injured.

General news like this is the type of thing that arguably you could find out days or weeks in advance. The problem with this type of team news is that the bookies will also have plenty of time to adjust their odds accordingly. 

Hopefully, you will still win this bet, but the amount of money you stand to win will be less as a result. Of course, you should always focus on losing less. But we can do better, right?

The best type of team news is the news you get right before you place your bet. It is fresh and hopefully so fresh that the bookies don’t have time to react. Often in smaller competitions in markets, the bookies don’t cover all that closely; they rely on national news sources to report the team news. Some team news isn’t worth those larger media outlets reporting.

The gap between smaller local news and national news is where we sometimes have the edge over bookies. You see, we work with football fans on the ground in many different countries, and they share the news that is covered locally, but perhaps not nationally.

Often this can be as simple as a language barrier. Teams may report something in (for example) Greek, and the bookies don’t have the people in-house to handle translating this news well.

We aren’t saying that we get 100% exclusive behind-the-scenes news, but what we occasionally do won’t be factored into the bookies’ decision making when creating the odds for a match.

Following this news, along with all the other factors that go into making sensible betting choices, means that not only should you find yourself winning more often, but the odds you are winning with are more favourable.

Shopping around for good odds

You might be reading this thinking; my bookies are always on top of all of the team news; there is no way I could know something they don’t. You might well be right, and some bookies are way more on top of things than others.

There is no law to say all of your bets need to go through one bookmaker. It can pay to shop around for good odds. I use Bet365 for the majority of my football bets. Granted, they usually are far more on the ball than other bookies, so occasionally, I will look to see what odds I can get elsewhere. If you already know the type of bet you are interested in making, it is usually a speedy process.

Of course, splitting your bets between bookmakers doesn’t work if you usually play accumulators; we have an entire blog post on why we prefer singles or doubles over accumulators, which I suggest you read. It all comes down to focusing on winning more often.

You might be expecting me to end this post with a “sign up now!” and of course, I’d love you to sign up. We’ve helped over 2000 people with their bets, which is a pretty impressive number! But I’m not trying to push anyone to sign up, I want to see more people making smarter betting decisions, and I genuinely think team news is one of the best ways of doing that.

Look local

If you bet on the Finnish Ykkonen, you will have more luck finding out where Finnish football fans get their news than checking the BBC.

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