How to Prepare for the New EPL Season: 5 Essential Betting Tips

Liverpool will take on Norwich City at Anfield on Friday, signaling the beginning of another event-filled football calendar in England. For sports punters, the new season promises an action-packed set of betting fixtures. But are you ready to wager and win? Improve your winning stats in the new campaign by adopting the following season preparation tips.

Review your Betting Records for the Last Season

If you keep betting records, pull them out and review everything you did in the 2018/19 season. Compare your wins and losses to determine if you completed the season on a profit or loss. Also, analyze both outcomes to find patterns.

Are there wagers you won or lost consistently? You want to include bets that favored you in the last football calendar this season too. For the losses, you can decide to work on them or leave them out in your betting plans this year.

If you choose to turn your losses into wins, identify mistakes you did while placing those wagers. Maybe you bet OV2.5 goals on teams that end in UN2.5 repeatedly. Another frequent error you could have made is to support your favorite EPL team unnecessarily.

In the new season, work on your objectivity trait as a bettor. Regardless of how much you lose a specific team, learn to be impartial when making decisions. Improve your other flaws besides prejudice so that you minimize your losses remarkably.

Review your Betting Stats

Analyzing matches consume a significant amount of time. Sometimes the time is justified. But if it takes up too much of your time, examine your betting stats to eliminate the unhelpful ones.

Similarly to how you assessed your betting records, review your stats. List the ten most useful stats in your betting career. On the other hand, note those stats that played almost no role in determining the outcome of games.

In an example, find out whether the absence of crucial players affected a team’s performance. By comparison, did teams record better sheets away versus at home?

Also, review football trends that influenced your decisions. Did you stop backing Chelsea to win after Hazard hinted he was about to leave the club? How did that work for you? Maybe you began to bet both teams to score markets after two weekends of high-scoring matches.

Pull out your betting records and examine how different football statistics helped you win or lose matches. Trim the useless stats and focus on those stats that helped you win more.

Find Betting Bonuses

Gambling sites issue out free betting money to welcome newcomers or to reward loyalty frequently.

Similarly, bookies run numerous promotions at the start of football seasons. But instead of free spins, you get free bets when you join a bookie site or place your first bet. Start finding bonus offers before September if you want to get the best deals.

By the best, you want to find free bets worth decent money. You should also focus on offers with little to no playthrough times. For example, search the Internet for free bets worth £20 or more. For wagering requirements, try to find bonuses with zero playthrough times.

The best bookies award you free bets occasionally, so pick new betting sites artfully. Choose two or more bookies and test their services; more so their bonuses. Being a member of multiple betting sites also exposes you to different odds. In turn, you can compare the markets and bet on websites offering the best value odds.

Test New Theories

After you examine football trends, you’ll probably identify new developments that influenced specific games last season. Maybe you discovered Manchester City is now too dominant for all top six teams in the EPL. But in the Champions League, the Cytizens struggle to edge out the same clubs.

Another theory could be that you realized more goals are scored after an international break than before one. If you identified useful trends last season, prepare to test them in the new season.

Free bets offer a convenient way to test new theories without risking your stake. If you can use the bonus money on accumulators, you can effectively examine several trends at the same time. Afterward, you’ll be able to determine whether the patterns could work for future games, or they happened just the one time.

Experiment New Strategies

Strategies are different from trends and theories. With the former, you take something used by other punters before and try it. Let’s say you’ve always thought of sidelining accumulators to weekend games and placing single bets on weekdays.

Test the strategies this season. Multiple football leagues in the UK and around the world will commence this August. You’ll have plenty of markets to find high-quality games for weekday predictions. In the weekends, you can then place accumulators on the premier league or other European football markets.

Choose betting resources skillfully

Information is the most vital resource in the life of sports punters. Yet, most people are not careful enough when picking the resources they choose to help them predict matches.

You probably know you need tipsters to compare your predictions. But which sites do you use for checking premier league stats? Are we among them? Seriously—don’t take this lightly. Analyze your prediction sites and stick to those that helped you win last season.

Tipsters aside, you have plenty of information to help you wager on the EPL and other top European leagues. From TV previews to sports blogs, social media friends to your records—examine your resources and root out information that never helps you win matches.

To Conclude

After months of waiting, a new football season is here. There will be some new teams on the table, but most of the competitors are clubs yo. Despite this, you should prepare for the entire campaign if you want to record more wins than last year.

Analyze your records, stats, and resources you use to identify what works and leads to losses. Trim out everything you don’t need this season, and you’ll have an easier time predicting EPL matches.

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