Potential Aussie soccer league winners 2021

It would be an understatement to say that Australian sport has suffered horribly at the hands of COVID-19 this year. But even as cases are still popping up around the country, the governing bodies have now given the nod for the Aussie Soccer League to commence once more at the end of December. For many, this was the best Christmas gift that could be given, especially for soccer fans based in Australia. And since the league is due to start again very soon, punters are already flooding the betting markets!

If you want to make a few wagers but you aren’t too sure what to bet on, why not look at the soccer betting tips at Australia-casino.org? Here you will get plenty of hot tips on what to expect for the 2021 season. And on that note, this post will be focusing on the teams that have the best shot of finishing in pole position for the 2020/2021 season. It will definitely be quite a contest, and many teams are in the running!

Perth Glory

We figured we would kick things off with a team that has a fantastic outside shot of winning the Aussie Soccer League this season. Perth Glory is always a dangerous team, with plenty of key strikers and attacking midfielders, and we believe that their squad right now is capable of winning the league. Guys like Diego Castro and Andy Keogh will play a pivotal role in helping Perth Glory achieve this goal, but of course, they will be up against formidable opposition all season long. With that said, Perth Glory had quite a similar team last season, yet they only managed a 6th place finish.

But when you look back through the statistics and the games that were played, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Perth Glory was somewhat unlucky. They actually only lost 2 more games than Melbourne City FC, who finished in 2nd place, which shows that the big problem for Perth Glory was the number of draws. And to add to that, they had rather poor home form. If they can turn these things around for 2021, they will be a strong contender for sure.

Sydney FC

While Perth Glory might be a bit of an outside bet to win the league this year, Sydney FC would definitely be described as an odds on favorite. Of course, these guys managed to win the league last year, and they did so by winning by a margin of 6 points over Melbourne City. As you may be aware, Adam la Fondre was crucial for Sydney FC last season, with 20 goals to his name. His goals and moments of sheer guts and determination played a huge role in Sydney FC winning the title, and if he displays good form again next season, this team will receive a massive boost once more.

We can’t solely put the spotlight on this striker, however, as Sydney FC also has a truly solid defense that is currently in place. While they scored the joint-most goals of any team last season with 49 goals, they also conceded the least, by a long way. Since the defensive line up is largely unchanged ahead of next season, we expect similar statistics. And all of this means that Sydney FC is a heavy favorite to win the league once more. 

Wellington Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix isn’t one of the most adored teams in the Aussie Soccer League, probably because they are a New Zealand team that competes in the Australian League! Then again, you don’t always have to be popular to be successful, and Wellington Phoenix definitely backed this up with their performances last season. These guys finished in 3rd place, which is very commendable, but they were a rather large 12 points behind the ultimate winners, Sydney FC. The key for Wellington Phoenix this season will be how they perform away from home, as their track record in these games last season was far from desirable.

In fact, if you only looked at the away table, they wouldn’t even be inside the top 6! This shows you how detrimental their away form was. We think there are two reasons that this will turn around, however, and this will mean that Wellington Phoenix will have a fighting chance at winning the league. Firstly, the home advantage isn’t as strong anymore, since home fans aren’t there to create a hostile atmosphere in huge numbers. And secondly, Wellington Phoenix has added a bit more firepower to their squad this season, which should result in more chances away from home and at home.


While we believe that these three teams have some of the best chances of the league compared with the available betting odds, there are obviously more teams you could back to win the league too. Some of the honorable mentions we haven’t discussed yet include teams like Melbourne City FC, Brisbane Roar FC, Western United FC, and others. These guys also have a decent shot at making their way towards the top of the table, but we will no doubt get a better idea of who is playing well after the first few games have been played.

On that note, and as a friendly reminder, the Aussie Soccer League is due to kick off imminently, and the first games of the season are always pivotal – so make sure you tune in to watch the action!

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