The ultimate guide to football betting terms: G to K

Well done for committing this far to your education on football betting terms. If you have missed out on A-C, then you can check them out here. If you are interested in a word from D-F, click here. Now, we continue through the alphabet to K. This is seriously the best way to guarantee you are making the most of betting systems.

Grand Salami

You have decided that you know exactly how many goals are going to be scored in the English Premier League, or any other league around the world, on a specific day in the season. If you bet on this total number of goals, then you have won the Grand Salami. You should get impressive odds on this prediction, as your chances of being right are slim.

Half Time

You will be pretty confident that half-time is the mid-way point in a football match. However, half-time is also a handy moment in betting. It is possible to use half-time to hedge your bets and get some return no matter the outcome. Imagine backing the favourite for a win at the start and then backing them for a draw when they score before half-time. It is likely the outcome of these two bets will result in a positive profit.


This is the total number of bets taken on a match by a bookmaker. It is a good idea to follow the popularity of match betting. Usually, where there are a lot of bets, there is a good chance for a valuable outcome.


When you choose to bet on two opposing outcomes of a bet, usually with different sportsbooks, and so guaranteeing you come out with a profit or at least substantially reduce potential losses.


Well, this comes from the phrase Heinz variety, where you cover all types of the bet based on six selections. When you add up the number of bets, you place it will come to 57 – including all those 4-folds, trebles, etc. This means you would pay an initial sake of £570 if you placed a £10 bet on each outcome. This sounds ambitious, but you will be surprised how quickly your winnings accrue, even if only two of your teams win as predicted.


If you have a dispute with a sportsbook, then you will need IBAS. This is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. Usually, on the top sportsbook sites, the terms and conditions are thorough. It is a good idea to scan these before seeking an adjudication.


In-Play is betting on steroids. You can quite bet on most things during a match now. You can bet on the first goal time, the goal scorer, the first yellow card, the chances of a red card, the number of corners… and so on. The more specific you must be, the less sensible the bet. Betting on the exact time of the goal has little merit and was likely a matter of making a good guess than any sort of skill.

Index Betting

You might know index betting as spread betting. The more right you are with index betting, the more significant your returns. You predict a spread of scores and either buy or sell on a spread. Depending on how right you are will determine how much you win.


The amount the bookmaker will take as commission. This is more likely used on Betting Exchanges, where you are matched against another punter.

Kelly Criterion

Learn this, and you will sound quite talented in front of your mates. This is a staking method. You set a stake that is proportional to the perceived edge. The edge is the perceived advantage gained from exploiting the sportsbooks profit margins; it is an advantage that is usually acquired from having some little-known knowledge about the football match. It is a maths formula that allows you to work out the idea stake used for an expected level of return based on probability theory. It is named after a theorist called JL Kelly who decided you needed to take into consideration your bankroll; the odds offered, the probability of winning and the probability of losing.

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