Ultimate Guide to Betting Systems: Half Time/ Full Time System

Football is one of the better sports to formulate systems because there is just the right mix of skill, understanding and luck. In this first ultimate guide to betting systems, we focus on the half time/full-time system. This is a permed bet, or combined bet, with a prediction of a half-time draw and a full-time win. Most systems look for value or search for a way to make a return on your stake over a series of bets. This requires the numbers to add up and the reason we begin with this half time/full-time system is that the numbers make sense without the bookie needing to be wrong in their predictions.

The stats don’t lie

So, you are looking to cut down your odds of being wrong, while getting high odds. The golden chalice of the world of betting. First, let’s start with why you have less chance of being wrong than right with a half time/full-time permed bet. Pretty much 50% of all matches end with a home win. This makes sense as the home team has the advantage, and as there are three possible outcomes: win, draw, loss – this makes home win the most likely prediction.

If you bet on a home win each time, you will find low value, as the odds will be low. Over a few bets, you will likely make a loss and not a profit on your stake.

However, 50% of all matches are drawing at half-time, according to the stats. This makes the chances of a draw at half time and a win at full time the most likely result of all eight combinations within this system. By choosing the permed half time/full-time bet, you will get better odds, probably somewhere around 4 – 1. This means you only need to be right 1 in 4 times to turn a profit.

In short, you will be right more times than you are wrong, and you will, therefore, make a profit on your stake.

Making the most of the system

To make the most of this system, you need to do a permutation and an accumulator bet. Select four matches where you believe there is the most chance of a draw at half time and a home win by full time. Look for the top teams who work to tire the opposition with possession in the first half, then destroy them in the second half, for instance. Alternatively, look for the matches where the play will be quite cagey at first, as there is so much to win or lose but where the home team will grind out a win.

When you have chosen your four matchups, you need to place a stake on each outcome for each match. You should then make the six doubles bet, where two of your selections will come good, four trebles and one four-fold stake.

Even if only one of your predictions is correct, you will get a likely return of half your entire stake. The potential losses are therefore low.

However, if all bets come in, you are looking at a return of potentially 50 times your original stake. The most likely outcome of this system is right on two of your predictions. This still doubles your profit.

Play it long to reap the most

Map out your bets over a month. Expect that one week none of your bets will come through. Imagine that for a couple of weeks; you only get one right. Maybe in one week you could come through with a treble.

Losing week means no return on your stake.

Two weeks with just one right, you get half your stake back each time. You are still down two full weeks of stake and may feel depressed.

One week with one treble coming in strong, you receive ten times your stake. You are now ahead by eight weeks of your original stake.

More likely, you will have a mix of ones and twos. This would mean some weeks you would come in half your stake and some weeks more than double. However, the option of two correct predictions is statistically more likely. Over time you should more than not come out with a profit – and this is what makes the most reliable systems and why we started with this as part of our ultimate guide series. Enjoy!

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